Thursday, October 18, 2007

50 Cent Pounds Co-Star

Rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson appears to be as much of a gangster on camera as he is off - and actor Frank John Hughes found that out first hand. We learned that the two got into a physical confrontation on the set of their new movie Righteous Kill.

According to a person who witnessed the incident, 50 Cent and Frank Hughes (photo'd below) got into a heated argument when the actor confronted 50 about not knowing his lines. And the argument reportedly turned physical. "Frank tried to correct [50 Cent] and he got really upset ... Before it was all over [50 Cent] had Frank on the ground pummeling him."

And while Frank appears to have survived the mauling, the rest of the cast and crew haven't. Our insider continued, "The paramedics looked at Frank and he's OK. It's everyone else here that's still shaken up .... No one is trying to get on [50 Cent's] bad side."





has gotten wind that the authorities may have offered rapper TI a plea deal. And under the terms of the deal, in exchange for leniency, the authorities want information on another Atlanta rapper.

According to a person close to TI, who spoke exclusively to, federal agents made TI the offer shortly after his arrest. The insider explained, "[Federal agents] are looking for information on [a particular Atlanta rapper] and they want TI to tell them what he knows. I'm not sure what kind of deal they're offering, but it's better than what he's facing."

While it's not clear whether TI is even considering the offer, the insider doesn't think that it's likely. Explains the insider, "TI is no snitch - never has [been], and never will. His team [of lawyers] will beat the case the right way."

Cam'Ron will not be pleased!!!


If you thought that Myspace was just for good clean fun - you'd be wrong. has learned that a person claiming to be NBA's DeShawn Stevenson is using MySpace to find cocaine, or "Lindsay Lohan" as it's commonly called. Here's a post taken from the private page purporting to be DeShawn's:

I Got A Couple Ppl On The Lindsay Lohan Deal

But I'm giving somebody 10 stacks if they hook that sh*t up…………….. 4 U slow ppl 10 thousand dollars 2 the first muthaf*cker get me the contact 4 her!!!!!!! Before my ppl get the number they moving 2 slow 4 me so holla at yo boy if u need that 10,000 grand!!!!!!!!!

U kno i need that white girl lindsay lohan …………. First n*gga or female get me that sh*t, i wire that money str8 2 ur account hit me on email if u got the real sh*t!!!!!!!
Yadddddaaaaa boy

Now we have to believe that this is just some sort of joke. He couldn't possibly be stupid enough to try to get a cocaine connection over MySpace. Then again, that fool did put his AMEX Black Card number up on the site....

Media Take Out reports his picture of the card:


A few days ago we provided a detailed summary of Superhead's new book The Vixen Diaries. But we missed a part - and it turns out that it was the juiciest part of the entire book.

In a chapter Superhead describes a relationship that she had with a young African American celebrity that she calls "Baby Boy". Well has learned that the celebrity that she's talking about is none other than 18 year old R&B superstar Chris Brown.

Here's how Superhead describes what she thought of Chris Brown the first time they met:

He is beautiful and tall, with a smile that would melt any girl's heart, but he is young, very young. As we were being introduced in the midst of a crowded room, eyes on us, I was afraid to look at him. He had an air about himself that I couldn't comprehend. For someone so young, he carried himself like an experienced man ... The young man had class and smarts - and by the end of the night, he had me.

Here's how she described their first night together:

He planted his lips on mine, and his sweet kiss extinguished my fight as I lay on my back, inviting him to mount me, to make love to me, to make it impossible to do without him from this night forward.

Slow and sensual, he moved inside me. Then I rolled on top of him, surprised by his size, unwilling and unable to handle it all. Our eyes were locked and fixed on each other as we explored each other's bodies and needs; I felt him and he felt me, and then it was over

Wow!! We can't decide whether this is a good look or a bad look for Young Breezy. One things for sure - he needs to go to the clinic and have his privates LOOKED AT!!!




There is news that Superhead confirmed that it is in fact Chris Brown. And since Chris just turned 18 in May, it is true that she slept with him when he was a mere 17.

A source close to Superhead says describes to an interviewer: "It was Chris, but she had to keep things as quiet as possible for the sake of his career because at the time he had a very squeaky-clean good boy image, and she didn't want to mess that up for him. But he is not that way at all. People in his camp things he's such a kid at heart, but Chris is really just like every other man".

The rumors abound on the size of Chris' manhood, especially considering the HUGE bulges he sports whenever he dons a pair of jeans. Superhead puts those to rest, saying, "It's huge. Out of all the men I've been with in the industry he is one of the biggest. If I made a list he'd be in the top 5. It's huge, red like him and it curves a little. It had to bigger than his hand. We kept using condoms, and these were magnums and they kept breaking when he would put it on and go in me".

It's no secret however that Chris Brown loves getting his business on in Hollywood, as our gossips across the city say Chris is known for "dropping it like it's hot" on many of the top ladies in Hollywood who crush for him.