Thursday, October 18, 2007


If you thought that Myspace was just for good clean fun - you'd be wrong. has learned that a person claiming to be NBA's DeShawn Stevenson is using MySpace to find cocaine, or "Lindsay Lohan" as it's commonly called. Here's a post taken from the private page purporting to be DeShawn's:

I Got A Couple Ppl On The Lindsay Lohan Deal

But I'm giving somebody 10 stacks if they hook that sh*t up…………….. 4 U slow ppl 10 thousand dollars 2 the first muthaf*cker get me the contact 4 her!!!!!!! Before my ppl get the number they moving 2 slow 4 me so holla at yo boy if u need that 10,000 grand!!!!!!!!!

U kno i need that white girl lindsay lohan …………. First n*gga or female get me that sh*t, i wire that money str8 2 ur account hit me on email if u got the real sh*t!!!!!!!
Yadddddaaaaa boy

Now we have to believe that this is just some sort of joke. He couldn't possibly be stupid enough to try to get a cocaine connection over MySpace. Then again, that fool did put his AMEX Black Card number up on the site....

Media Take Out reports his picture of the card:

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