Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kelly Rowland tickets are SUPER CHEAP

We all knew that R&B singer Kelly Rowland was having trouble selling tickets to her new concert, but this is ridiculous. Kelly has resorted to heavily discounting her concert tickets. And on Friday at the Atlantic City, NJ House Of Blues, you can actually see Kelly and Mario perform for only 75 cents. You heard us right - three quarters!!!

Here's what she had to say:

The tickets were initially selling for $40 and, officially, they still are going for $40. But if you go to the House Of Blues, you can pick up tickets for only 75 cents.

This has got to be some kind of promotion. At least we really hope for Kelly's sake that it is. Cause we checked - the Atlantic City House Of Blues has a capacity of 2,000 people. That means if you were to sell out the place, the concert will bring in a whopping $1,500. That's about what Beyonce spent on dinner last night....

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