Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ciara and 50 Make up???

October 02, 2007. It looks like 50 Cent and Ciara have kissed and made up. A few weeks ago MediaTakeOut.com told you that Ciara was furious with 50 Cent for hiring a look alike to pose on the cover of his new album. Now an insider tells us that Ciara's taken him back.

One of Ciara's longtime friends agreed to speak exclusively with MediaTakeOut.com - and give some insight into the superstar couple's relationship. The insider tells, "They care deeply for each other. People keep trying to make [their relationship] into some sort of fling, but it's not ... it's very serious." The insider added, "This is the deepest that I know Ciara has ever felt for a man."

And according to Ciara's friend, their relationship is stronger than ever. The insider explained, "Losing to Kanye West was devastating to [50 Cent] ... A lot of people aren't there for him like they used to be. But Ciara's been there to give him any support he needs ... As an entertainer, she knows what he's going through ... and I know that he appreciates it."

When MediaTakeOut.com asked whether Ciara was still upset over the photos on 50 Cent's album cover, Ciara's pal brushed it off. The friend explained, "With all that's going on with [50 Cent] right now, she couldn't just leave him ... She's just not that kind of person."

And 50 and Ciara's relationship is reportedly stronger than ever. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com that 50 Cent and Ciara actually share a home in Atlanta. The tipster explains, "50 owns a small ranch just outside of Atlanta where he and Ciara stay whenever he's in town ... and I suspect that's going to be happening a lot more often."

But our insider isn't the only one making such claims. During an interview with a NY's Hot 97 Radio Station, 50 Cent's DJ, DJ Whoo Kid, nearly let the cat out of the bag. The DJ was quoted as saying, "In Atlanta [50’s] got a nice little secret spot with a special someone. You know."


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